Jan 28, 2023

Why Customer Service is Important 8 Things to Know

"All things being equal, people will do business with a friend; all things being unequal, people will still do business with a friend."

The quote mentioned above by Mark McCormack is a sounding board for the symphony of legendary customer service. Here are 8 things vitally essential to your customer service awareness:


When considering how to render high-quality customer service to your customers, there needs to be more said about being polite. While a simple "yes" can get the job done, an enthusiastic "yes sir" or "yes ma'am" could really be the difference maker in helping your customer feel they are being taken seriously and respected. It turns out that your parents and grandparents were correct. "Please" and "Thank you" can actually convey the fact that you are respectful and polite, which goes a long way with customers and clients alike.


Even though your customers may use your product or service, they may need to become more familiar with industry-specific terminology. Therefore, it is a much better option when speaking with or emailing your customers to give a K.I.S.S., that is, Keep it short & simple. Doing so will prevent you from alienating your customers with intimidating verbiage.


Today there is so much automation mingled into the customer service process it is relatively easy to fall into the trap of being robotic in our responses to customers when on the phone with them or face to face. Breathe, and talk with your customer as you would a long-time acquaintance. Be sincere, listen, and respond when they respond to your inquiries, such as "How are you today?" too often, this is an area we zip past and actually ignore the customer.

Customer Focused

It may seem a little redundant, perhaps even obvious, but "Customer Service" refers to servicing your customer. This communication with your customer is not a sale; it is the perfect opportunity to create customer loyalty by focusing on their specific need. Take advantage of the opportunity.


Your goal is to provide legendary customer service; however, if you don't give your customer a good understanding of your product or service during the communication, you run the risk of creating a dependency that can overload your customer service process. With every contact, look to empower your customer with know-how.


We all enjoy the feeling of progress. If you have to put your customer on hold, transfer the call, or schedule a call-back, be sure to let your customer know this is the forward movement toward the resolution they seek. It is vital that they feel the progression.


It is possible that your customer already feels frustrated when they reach out to you. Therefore, be optimistic in all of your communication. A customer at ease is a customer soon pleased.

Solution Oriented

Lastly, remember why your customer is reaching out to you in the first place. They need a solution. Keep the navigation of your contact with your customer towards their desired end. Staying solution oriented assures your customers they can count on you.

If you incorporate these 8 guidelines into your customer service process, you will be memorable to your customers and worthy of a referral.

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